Care and Dyeing of Bamboo Fabric

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Care and Dyeing of Bamboo Fabric

Washing Bamboo Fabric: We recommend a cool setting up to 40 degrees and gentle drying without the use of a tumble dryer.  We advise not to use fabric conditioners as this can impair the moisture wicking qualities of the fabric.  Because the Bamboo holds water content we recommend folding double layers over a washing line to prevent stretching.  When wet it is more delicate than cotton and we would recommend the use of a laundry bag.

Cool iron only (due to the Spandex).

Shrinkage: Expect around 5% shrinkage – more on heavier fabrics less on lighter fabrics.  If you are making just a single garment we recommend pre-washing of the fabric.  If you are making garments for sale then make allowance for shrinkage.

Dyeing: Bamboo Viscose fabric take up dye extremely well as you will see from our printed fabrics.  It is a perfect choice for those wishing to create their own pattern or colour.