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Benefits of Bamboo Viscose Fabric to You

Bamboo has many great qualities and we first fell in love with it as a fabric as it has many of the qualities of silk but you can wash it!

Luxuriously soft:  Bamboo fabric is superbly soft and feels like a combination between silk and cotton. In some of our fabrics we have combined the bamboo fibres with brushed cotton to product an ultra soft fabric against the skin.

Regulates body temperature:  Bamboo fabric clothing has tiny gaps which aids in ventilation meaning you stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  We have a range of fabric knits/weaves and weights to suit different uses.

Moisture Wicking:  Bamboo fabric is three to four times more absorbent than cotton, allowing it to wick and absorb perspiration away from the body, keeping you dry, comfortable and clean all day long.  You will notice this when you hang it out on the line to dry; it will be heavier than an equivalent cotton garment as it has the ability to hold on to more moisture.

Kind to Skin: The naturally smooth fibers of bamboo fabric lie flat against the skin, limiting skin irritation and sensitivity.